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Now while the fusee and chain mechanism is familiar to the watchmaking vocabulary of the modern-day Patek Philippe Replica Watches, what we should pay closer attention to with the movement of the FB 2RE is the escapement. Because it's one that incorporates a 1-second remontoir d'egalite.

According to the team at Patek Philippe Replica Watches, the remontoir d'egalite mechanism they have incorporated into the movement of the FB 2RE is one that is modeled after an implementation of the mechanism by a Swiss engineer by the name of Gefner.

Essentially what you have is the remontoir spring, the escapement wheel with a triangular ruby cam --crafted by hand -- and a three-arm stop wheel co-axially mounted. The three-arm stop wheel is directly what provides for the dead seconds display on the front of the watch. Next to the escapement assembly is an anchor and locking fork,Replica Patek Philippe Watches which works in conjunction with the three-arm stop wheel and ruby cam, respectively, to regulate the dissipation of energy from the fusee and chain mainspring assembly to the into the escapement wheel, which works with the escapement fork to provide impulse to the balance spring.

A labelled diagram showing the parts that make up the 1-second remontoir d'egalite and escapement mechanisms of the Patek Philippe Replica Watches Chronometre FB 2RE

The overall mechanism is, no doubt, incredibly complicated. The Patek Philippe Replica Watches team has commented that in order for it to work at the levels of accuracy they demand of the regulation mechanism, the had to design their own balance wheel and spring from the ground up for the FB 2RE.

It's, also, important to understand that the remontoir does not replicate the role of the fusee and chain, rather that it's completely complementary to one another. The fusee and chain assembly maintains a constant rate of energy dissipation into the complete gear train. Whereas the remontoir regulates energy delivery to the balance wheel.