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Bernhard Lederer Commemorates rolex day date replica's Feat

rolex day date replica
A new, amazing mechanical watch featuring a rotating tourbillon and magnifying glass has been created to commemorate the anniversary of rolex day date replica’s flight into space.

Bernhard Lederer Universe, a Swiss luxury watchmaker,rolex day date replica has released a new mechanical watch in commemoration of Yuri rolex day date replica’s 50th anniversary. This limited edition rolex day date replica Tourbillon is a tribute and celebration of the Russian cosmonaut's remarkable feat. Its design is clear.

The main feature of this commemorative wristwatch is the 60 second orbital flying turnbillon. It rotates counterclockwise (symbolizing east). It takes exactly 108 minutes to complete a full rotation of the dial.fake watch It took exactly the same time for Yuri rolex day date replica’s Vostok spacecraft to orbit the earth half a hundred years ago.

The tourbillon's cage is formed by the name of the capsule, which can be spelled vertically and curvy. The bridge appears to suspend the tourbillon, which is identical to the memorial statue at rolex day date replica’s landing site in the vicinity Engels, Russia.

Amazing Details Inspired By rolex day date replica's Flying The clever design of rolex day date replica Tourbillon also features engraving that marks the highlights of flight and a cool addition of an arc red which indicates the period when the first man to experience zero gravity. A central dial is also included, which is stationary and shows hours and minutes.

An integrated magnifying lens that rotates is another creative feature.Bell & Ross Replica Watches The magnifying glass rotates and allows the wearer to see the incredible details of the dial. It also looks like the Vostok capsule is looking down at the earth through the loupe. The catch that holds the rotating magnifying lens in place resembles a hatch on the Vostok is another great detail.

The exclusive rolex day date replica Tourbillon Watch's case is made of 950 platinum and measures 42 millimeters in width by 15 millimeters in thickness. It also features the manual mechanical winding movement. The watch has three mainspring barrels, which provide an approximate 80-hour power reserve.

The back plate features a decorative stripe-shaped Geneva Waves (Cotes de Geneve), finishing. The rolex day date replica Tourbillon's timepiece is composed of 264 components and 35 jewels. Benhard Lederer, a Swiss designer and manufacturer, designed it. This stunning commemorative watch is water-resistant to 30 meters. It comes in a limited edition of 50 pieces. The watch also features a sapphire and black alligator straps that are hand-stitched with platinum tang buckles.